Farming beats working any day.

Although I may have some common traits as a farmer and enjoy being outside, planting things and watching them grow, I can not be so bold and presumptious as to call myself a “farmer”.

Farming is really a multitude of sciences beyond my comprehension.  There are many biological mysteries to me as the “soil life” and it’s chemical relationships seem to be in constant flux. My own human life and its relationships are confusing enough.  I do however enjoy trying to figure out how to grow things and provide them for others to enjoy.  I feel happy inside when someone eats my salad greens and really appreciates them.  I used to own a cafe in NH prior to moving to Maui and I’d love the crazy, hectic times, feeding people good imaginitive food and being a part of their day.  I would give 1 free lunch to a new face every day and they always became a returning customer.  I figured there ought to a “free lunch” someplace!  Growing food and feeding others seems like a such good basic thing to do life.