Welcome to my Maui sign workshop.

My name is Tommy and I’d like to invite you to my fun, quirky and positive sign collection.  In addition to what you may see here, I am always coming up with new ideas and I often paint requests for specific stores.

I personally make every sign and try to use as much reclaimed wood from my friend’s construction projects as I can.  You’ll note my signs are not only hand made, offering a personal gift for your customers to enjoy and share, but also competively priced with factory made signs from overseas.

My focus and intent with these signs is to inspire laughter and positivity and reflect on the Aloha spirit that makes Hawaii so special.

My signs are available throughout Maui and via my Etsy store (link above).

Signs are roughly 6″ high by 12″ long by .25 thick and come with a hang string.  No sign is the same as each are hand cut and painted.

My signs wholesale for $8 each (12 sign minimum order / includes shipping!) and I recommend they retail at $15 to $17.

Please contact me directly through this site, or through my Face Book page at Aloha Tommy

Aloha, Tommy 🙂



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